Are emma watson and daniel radcliffe dating

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Emma then posted a new photo on her Instagram with the caption, "friends capture you best," probably trying to steer us off course.

The beautiful and talented Emma Watson need not blow her trumpet after a remarkable performance in the first installment of the film adaptation of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter.

Having become a delightful face in the industry, she also attracted the attention of the fashion faculty, where she also had her presence duly felt.

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Emma has a brother named Alex Watson, a model who is not in the limelight.She soon struck a mouth-watering deal with Burberry and campaigned for the brand.Emma Watson partnered with People Tree and became a creative designer for the company which was creating a Spring line of clothing at the time.Alex and Emma walked side by side at the 2010 campaign for Burberry, drawing attention to the former.But the low-key model seems to have focused on school, as not so much is heard of him.

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