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Former KAT-TUN member opened his own business regardless of this policy and was later withdrawn from the group despite numerous warnings.Many might think that they should be allowed to have another job or business on the side in case they don't make it big or have any promotions.The reporter is said to have been skeptical of what he saw at first; however, after further observations over the next 11 days, Sakurai's identity was confirmed, and his relationship with Ogawa became clear.The two are said to meet each other at night to go on dates and spend time with each other. | AM EDT Netizens, fans, and supporters of Red Velvet Seulgi were hyping up on social networking sites due to the female idol cute interaction with these male idols, Hajoon of The Rose and Exo's Suho. | AM EDT The member of the female idol group Girls Generation and now also a solo artist Tiffany Young earlier had a special appearance on Disneyland's D23 Expo in Anaheim California where she also performed her solo track 'Magnetic Moon' at the D23 Expo.

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With idol groups comes idol fantoms, which have grown over the course of these years. However in 2014, there have been many upsetting turn of events for fantoms such as dating rumors to group break up rumors.SM has also been compared many times to Johnny's as well.Johnny's started with both female and male groups but currently only houses male artists.News of this caused a hot issue and since then Johnny's has prohibited receiving gifts from fans.Also, Johnny's prohibits artists from doing other work on the side.

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