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This is perhaps one of the largest, most active language learning forums out there.

Almost 650,000 members are registered, contributing to more than 2.8 million discussions to date.

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And while that’s an awesome way to practice conversations, it isn’t the most practical.

Languages offered include French, Spanish, English, and more. The wide variety of class topics include: “Survival French for Travelers,” “Spanish for Business Success,” “English Slang and Idioms,” and many more. We’ll be adding many more languages soon, so be on the lookout. My Language Exchange is a modern day pen pal system.

Here’s how it works: You sign up, search for someone who speaks the language you wish to learn, and then you practice conversations with them. Over one million people have joined this language learning community and it seems to be growing every day.

Users must follow a set of rules about posting etiquette, which provides you with a clean, quality learning experience.

Word Reference Forums features individual message boards for the world’s 10 most popular languages, as well as boards for dozens and dozens of lesser-known languages.

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