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But when Sutton doesn’t return when promised, Emma knows something’s amiss.

Laurel (Allie Gonino) is Ted and Kristin Mercer’s biological daughter who’s the same age as Sutton and Emma.

Meanwhile, Ethan tells a devastated Emma he needs to be there for his brother — which means not being involved with Emma anymore.

Everyone gathers for a charity benefit in Theresa’s name, where Rebecca gets Alec alone on the roof saying she’s discovered the real identity of the murderer.

Neither Chaz nor Mads realize that their best friend has been replaced.

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Meanwhile, Mads is a cool, intelligent high school student and ballerina.In 2012, Chando has completed filming the supporting role of Colleen on the comedy/romance film “Construction,” which was directed by Malcolm Goodwin and written by Victor Hawks, who also starred as Vin Housemann in the film.Network: ABC Family Episodes: 30 (hour) Seasons: Two TV show dates: August 15, 2011 — March 12, 2013 Series status: Cancelled Performers include: Alexandra Chando, Allie Gonino, Alice Greczyn, Blair Redford, Andy Buckley, Helen Slater, Christian Alexander, Kirsten Prout, and Sharon Pierre-Louis.A sassy and sarcastic teenager, she unwittingly becomes a good source of information for Emma about the Mercer family.Ethan Whitehorse (Blair Redford) is an edgy “bad boy” who’s the brother of a local police officer.

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