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Mail payment to: The Client Code field is optional, so you may leave it blank.

You can use this field to help track groups of transactions.

Hold the key pressed while opening Mail Store Client.

After establishing the connection to Mail Store Server, Mail Store Client checks if newer a version of its own program files is available for downloading and, if necessary, updates these automatically.

The client code feature can be useful to firms working with multiple clients and would like to have those transactions grouped separately for their internal billing process.

For more information regarding client code settings for your PACER account, go to Manage My Account.

Additionally, Mail Store administrators can manage archives via the Archives page.

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Fees are waived when usage is less than for the quarter.

If the user has access to the archives of other Mail Store users (as Mail Store administrator, for example), their folders are listed as Archive of under the top level folder Other Archives Below these main folders, the individual email sources (e.g.

Microsoft Outlook or Exchange mailboxes) and their folder structures (e.g. Notice: For Mail Store administrators, accessing the archives of other users via the folder structure is blocked by default; this setting can be changed in the compliance settings.

It is a regular Windows setup program, that can by executed on the appropriate client computer by double-clicking on the setup file. Notice: Alternatively to installing the Mail Store Client application manually, you can also deploy it to the client computer though the Active Directories Group Policy feature.

More information on that can be found in the article Mail Store Client Deployment If an update is installed on the Mail Store Server computer, Mail Store Client updates itself automatically on first login to stay compatible with Mail Store Server.

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