Accommodating students with autism

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Schools could allow older students to take photos of these instructions using their mobile phone or tablet.Having a quiet space to complete their assessments and getting assistance with organising themselves and the social aspects of school were also raised as important strategies.This can help students on the spectrum overcome many of the motor skill difficulties that make handwriting difficult.Giving students a copy of instructions or information that their teacher writes on the board may also help.This reinforces the notion that social-emotional learning has a critical role to play in learning, as well as in school attendance, classroom behaviour, and academic engagement for all students.The heavy focus on academic aspects of the curriculum and the demand for data-driven accountability that schools are required to address often result in the focus on social and emotional learning and mental health being overshadowed or pushed to one side.The implementation of any adjustments need to be tailored to the students’ individual needs.

The frequency with which this needs to happen will be based on the individual needs of the students involved, and where they go in these situations would be dependent on the school setting.They suggested that it would be useful if teachers could help them cope with change and transition by simply reminding them when a change was looming.They also asked to use a tablet or laptop to help with school work, instead of handwriting.Inclusion is about being proactive in identifying the barriers learners encounter in attempting to access opportunities for quality education, and then removing those barriers.It is about meeting the needs of all children to ensure they get a quality education and have the opportunity to reach their potential.

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