100 muslim chat dating

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But as more people sign up for these apps, that notion is being challenged, says Muzmatch CEO and founder Shahzad Younas."There is an element of taboo still, but it's going," Younas says.

Even the word "dating" is contentious among Muslims.

As with all faiths, people follow more liberal or conservative rules around dating depending on how they interpret religious doctrines and what they choose to practice.

Minder, which launched in 2015, has had over 500,000 sign-ups, the company says.

Around six weeks later, they met in person for dinner in New York City.

"It felt like I was meeting up with a friend for the first time," Azizi-Ghannad says.

All have their fair share of quirky bios, pictures of guys in muscle shirts and awkward conversations about what we do for a living.

But a few features -- including one that lets "chaperones" peek at your messages -- make Muslim-catered apps stand out.

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